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Are these the best slow-motion movies scenes?

A fun one for a Sunday.  Slow-motion is another way for directors/editors to convey story.  At best, they reveal story.  At worst, they provide empty spectacle and gratuitous violence.

With that in mind, are these the best slow-motion scenes?

I don’t know.  Yes, the Chariots of Fire run.  And dodging bullets in the Matrix.

But seriously?  Judge Dredd?  Wasn’t there slo-mo in the Seven Samurai?  Or the final battle of The Wild Bunch? (um, yeah)  In fact, there’s really woefully too few Peckinpah references.

And do we consider the shoot-out in Bonnie and Clyde to be slo-mo or fast-mo?

We can come up with a better list, right?

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