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Rock Star Rescue


While shooting her latest music video in Africa, an American pop star is abducted by children.  Pursued by child soldiers and her rescuers, she must grow from bimbo to hero to save boys caught in a plot to overthrow the Ugandan peace talks.


Africa seems to be the place where celebrities go to overhaul their public image.  Revitalize their careers.  At least, that was Kyra’s plan.  The former teen pop star, now in her mid 20s, decides to shoot her next music video at the peace talks in Juba, southern Sudan, where the Ugandan government is trying to end its 25 year war against the rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

But she’s so self-focused that when she fixes her makeup in a window reflection, she misses the assassination attempt inside the room!

Ugandan officials don’t believe she didn’t see anything and try to hold her.  But the would be assassins have other plans…

Two Ugandan boys, Tone and Jacob, wait for their opportunity, then grab Kyra at gunpoint, steal a car and drive off into the rainy night!  Into war-ravaged Northern Uganda.

Rick, Kyra’s lover and bodyguard, fears the worst, that Kyra has been taken by the brutal LRA.  He arms himself to the teeth and races off after them, lead by a Ugandan official, Lubanga.

But Tone and Jacob are not LRA.  They’re desperate.  Something is hounding Tone toward the assassination, so they’ve kidnapped Kyra in the hope that the US military will come and rescue her, and them.  If they can get her on their side.

But both Ugandan military and LRA child soldiers see them as enemies – the stolen car gets shot up, forcing Kyra and the boys flee into the bush on foot.

Over the following day, as the UN track Kyra’s GPS phone and Rick’s posse races toward them, Kyra must grow from victim to hero to save the boys from child soldiers.

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