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Bren has multiple projects in various stages of development.

He works with thrillers and adventure stories but has dabbled in other genres.  The following is available:

Movie scripts

Knight of the Temple

The Last Grand Master Jacque de MolayMy medieval “Bourne Identity” story.   By 1307, the Templars were the saviors of Europe, had the world’s largest standing army, created the first international banking system, protected the powerless and innocent, and answered only to the Pope.   But on October 13 – Friday the 13th – the reason the day is unlucky, France arrested the Templars for heresy, setting off one of the largest manhunts and travesties of justice the world has ever known…  This is what might have happened.

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Sexting is epidemic among today’s youth.   It can ruin the reputation, and has driven girls to suicide and boys to the national sex offender registry.  So what if a high school jock’s life faces ruin after his girlfriend’s topless pic is sent all over the school without his knowledge.  Now add couple wild parties, upset parents and a Biblical counselor called in to work with the jock before he’s convicted of distributing child porn.

In association with 4L Films, Bren is seeking funding partners for our production of Send.

Rock Star Rescue

Africa is where celebrities go to do good, adopt children, open schools.  We’ve seen the footage on Entertainment Tonight.  But what if the next pop star to visit is abducted by children, pursued by child soldiers, that she will grow from bimbo to hero to save herself and the children, and uncover a plot to overthrow the Ugandan/LRA peace talks?

Stage plays


A prequel to Shakespeare’s Hamlet…

My Hamlet meets Martin Luther story…

As Denmark declares another military victory over Sweden, in quiet Wittenberg, Germany, a scarred Swedish soldier, Galen, dares to win his Princess Margaret’s love by conspiring to kidnap Prince Hamlet. But what they don’t know — Hamlet’s brother Valdemar has come in secret to woo and marry Margaret to ratify the peace! Plots converge to murder and bloody indulgence on the streets as Martin Luther prepares for Lent, 1517.

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