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About Brennan Smith (Bren)

I’m Bren, a busy (formerly NYC and Hollywood) screenwriter.

BRENNAN MARK SMITHAfter gaining a BA in Communications and a Masters in Teaching, I taught middle and high school English,  trained business professionals in Microsoft Office, and grew into web development while working tech support.

It was during that time that I wrote my prequel to Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

After a pilgrimage to Wittenberg, Germany, the Globe Theatre in London and Stratford-on-Avon, I cloistered myself in iambic pentametric verse, until, in 2001, roughly 400 years to the day after Hamlet first prevaricated across the Elizabethan stage, my Wittenberg beheld the light of day.

Actors loved my “Hamlet meets Martin Luther” story, and it brought me in contact with script consultant/director/filmmaker Peter Bishai, who told me that I was clearly crazy enough to write screenplays.

We co-wrote two scripts, the award-winning, comic adventure The Dueling Accountant, and our thriller, Rapid Eye Movement (notable as the longest film shoot in NYC Times Square history!).

Along the way I became obsessed with story.  I savored McKee, Truby, Vogler, several other gurus, and the pantheon of great film makers.  In 2004, I created to celebrate film, and to justify all my movie watching.

A few milestones:

  • Rapid Eye Movement (2002, co-written with Peter Bishai) (Release 2019)
  • The Dueling Accountant (2004, co-written with Peter Bishai) (Released, 2008)
  • Provided script analysis and/or mentoring for roughly 100 screenwriters through Act One Program in Hollywood (2009-2012)
  • Wittenberg (published 2015)
  • Knight of the Temple (published 2017)

For more information, check out my IMDB page, and my projects, story resources and seminars on this site.  You’ll be glad you did.