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Pre-Script Pro-Strategy Screenwriting Seminar

How do you “break in” as a screenwriter in Hollywood?

You perform like a professional, consistently developing marketable concepts and delivering dynamic scripts.  Otherwise, you might as well be self-publishing or selling insurance.

Pre-Script Pro-Strategy is a 5 hour + seminar, online, where I deliver YEARS of practical information in a SHORT TIME to guide your development into a professional screenwriter.  You will develop:

  • Your professional mindset – dispelling Hollywood myths and embracing the new realities of moviemaking
  • Your “Toy box” – the fuel for finding your screenwriting voice
  • Your “Toolbox” of screenwriting principles for concept development and basic structure to keep your writing on track.

Take steps toward elevating your craft with concise knowledge as:

In addition, each video section comes with additional text information, updates, attachments, and opportunities for comments and questions.

Get Started

The Pre-Script Pro-Strategy Screenwriting Seminar is available at UDEMY. Join!  Oh, I will ask you to list your 5 favorite movies.

Also, you can learn about screenwriting through theme with Bren’s Unified Structure Class, also available at Udemy. Sign up today!