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Knight of the Temple


A medieval Bourne Identity story: a Templar knight must discover the secret of his order before he’s condemned to hell.


Period /Adventure thriller


The Last Grand Master Jacque de Molay
The Last Grand Master Jacque de Molay

By 1307, the Knights Templar were the saviors of Europe, had the world’s largest standing army, created the first international banking system, protected the powerless and innocent, and answered only to the Pope.

But on October 13, 1307 (Friday the 13th – the reason the day is unlucky) France arrests for ALL Templars on charges of heresy —  setting off one of history’s largest manhunts (and travesties of justice) the world has ever known…

A young sailor, Elias de Catalan joins the Templar religious order (think: medieval Jedi), to be “the hands of God in the world,” only to be condemned to hell unless he can discover the Templars’ dark secret.

On the day of the mass arrests, Templar Grand Master Molay is taken captive, but not before 18 ships disappear out of port La Rochelle.   Only Elias misses the boat!


The Templars are tortured into confessing to heresy, sodomy and the worship of a demon known as Baphomet.   This sets off a worldwide hunt for the remaining knights!

But Elias devises his own strategy.  He conceals his identity, and convinces Chancellor Nogaret that he can find the ships and Baphomet before the Church’s Council of Vienne, where the Templars’ fate will be decided.

At each port Elias is hounded by the king’s spies and assassins, and each clue makes the Templars appear more guilty.  Elias must trust a mysterious woman, make new alliances, sail into enemy waters, and hunt down and possibly killing his brothers — anything to find the truth before the church is forced to condemn them all to hell.

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