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I’ve helped many screenwriters to brainstorm story problems, strengthen characters, improve plot and structure, punch up dialog, and take their scripts to the next level. If you need inspiration or your story needs help, cease your search. I can help.

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Bren gave some very good tips and pointers and while there were some suggested plot lines that I had already considered and rejected for one reason or another, there were also some very unique and exciting ones that I had not considered.  In fact, a couple were so good, I'm not sure how I would go about incorporating them without giving him credit!


Texas Producer/Screenwriter

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Knight of the Temple

In this medieval “Bourne Identity” story based on the actual events, a knight must uncover the great secret behind the Templar religious order before he’s condemned to hell.

Who were the Knights Templar? You’ll find out as we explore one one of history’s most significant, untold events, one of mankind’s largest man hunts, and one of history’s biggest legal travesties, the implications of which resound through the centuries, even to this day.


A prequel to Shakespeare’s Hamlet

As Denmark declares another military victory over Sweden, in quiet Wittenberg, Germany, a scarred Swedish soldier, Galen, dares to win his Princess Margaret’s love by conspiring to kidnap Prince Hamlet. But what they don’t know is that Hamlet’s brother Valdemar has come in secret to woo and marry Margaret to ratify the peace!

It’s my Martin Luther meets Hamlet tale, in Shakespeare’s verse, iambic pentameter.