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Writing Assignments

What kind of work does you project need? Whether you need a ghost writer, story developer or script doctor, I can help.  Some scripts simply need a polish of dialog. Some need structural work followed by character development.  Big jobs and small, I work quickly and efficiently.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that I typically avoid horror and faith/family films because both scare me.


I have previously lectured in classrooms and for film festivals on the craft of screenwriting, on topics from both my Unified Structure: Using Theme to Develop Character and Plot and Pre-Script Pro-Strategy seminars, now available at Udemy.

I have also spoken at panel events to evaluate movies, discussing the impact of particular films on culture. Let me know how I can serve your community.

Your comments & insights were AWESOME. Seriously, some of my favorite from any panel. 😉 Thank you SO MUCH!
[We’re] already plotting when we can use you again, [We were] raving & raving about how awesome you were. Well done Brennan! You were really in your element!
Ministry partner in Los Angeles



As a former mentor for Act One Program in Hollywood, I can help you wrestle through the next draft of your script for ongoing 1-2 hour sessions at $50 per session after the initial Quick Evaluation or Full Script Analysis listed above.

As our best story analyst, he combines razor-sharp insights drawn from a huge well of film knowledge with an ability to understand and come alongside the writer.
Jack Gilbert
Act One Program Script Consultation Service

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