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Avengers Analysis

Did you see it?  I mean is was… Wow!  And like Loki was eww… While Nick Fury was like hmmm… “Bring me everyone”

But Thor was like crash like lightning and Bam!  avengers2

And Ironman was woosh, and Boom!

And and, and then Hulk was like SMASH.

And Tony Stark was like prodding him and it was hilarious but they all got mad at each other but it was really Loki’s fault.

So Captain America was all “can’t we get along, blah blah…”

And then the alien armies came!  And it was all AHHHHHH!!!! And the Stark building with the blue cube and Thor on the Chrysler building and Grand Central was Hulk smashed and then he hit Thor but he got over it…

Oh, and then, I mean, like, it was all awesome.

And don’t let ANYONE tell you different!

How many more words do I need for a blog post?  Am I almost there?  Because seriously, who cares about analyzing.  You’re going see this movie anyway and it’s going to be just as described.  With Hawk and Black Widow too.

avengers1It’s a comic geek paradise.  The ride of your life.  You’ll love it.

Sure, some jerk is going to say something about it not being everything and blah blah blah about character but you’ll be like “We’re not doing Chekhov, you snobby pinko bed-wetter!”

Some might even tell you they made a mistake about blah blah because of comic number 11.429 and you’ll try to Hulk smash that four-eyes into powder but then you’ll realize you’re still impersonating Elvis Costello in those 3D specs anyway, so you’ll let it go and debate about what super powers that hot chick from How I Met Your Mother might reveal in the sequel.

Of course there’ll be a sequel.  Didn’t you watch the credits?

And we’ll love the sequel too, provided Robert Downey Jr. is still  in it.


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