Story Support

Bren is available for many of your screenwriting needs:

Script Consulting

Get your screenplay to the next level by working with a screenwriter with over 10 years experience.  I have collaborated on multiple scripts and currently consult as a story analyst for Act One Program and Keys2ScriptSuccess.  Now I am trying to reduce the number of pages I have to write for providing feedback.   Try one of the following:

Quick Evaluation:  $50

Many times you don’t have to submit a completed project to get the analysis you really need.  Submit one of the following:

  • Your first 10 pages – you will receive a complete analysis and proofread as well as expectations and ideas for the rest of your story based on your set up.
  • Your whole screenplay – beginning, middle and end – written in less than 2 pages.   Choose a basic coverage analysis of its strengths and weaknesses, or a 1 hour phone or skype conversation that will focus on the above, plus brainstorming to take your concept to the next level.

Full Script Analysis – $300

This isn’t coverage but a full-scale assessment and brainstorming of improvement, without the paperwork.  We will discuss your work in-depth over a 2 hour phone or skype conversation.

Why am I doing this?  Over the past years of doing script analysis, I’ve learned that after crafting a strong analysis with effective story tools and ideas, I can still miss the intent of your project because what you really want to convey might not be on the page!  I have found that a substantive discussion with the writer creates a clearer opportunity to identify weaknesses and elevate your project by working with you.

Hire Bren!

Writing Assignments. Adaptations or new tales, I’m available for assessing scripts and doing the next draft as well. Some scripts simply need a polish of dialog. Some need structural work followed by character development.  Big jobs and small, I work quickly and efficiently.

Lectures.  I have lectured on Unified Structure: Using Theme to Develop Character and Plot at both the 168 Film Festival and the Kingdomwood Film Festival.  And now, a full weekend seminar, Pre-Script Pro-Strategy.

Mentorship.  I am an active mentor for Act One Program, so if you’re wrestling through the next draft of your script, I am available for ongoing instruction for $50 per session after the initial Quick Evaluation or Full Script Analysis listed above.

Contact me with questions or to start your script elevation process.